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2018.12.11-13 China (Dubai) Trade Fair

Jan 8,2019 1385
China (Dubai) Trade Fair in 2018
With the development of the country's foreign trade policy, through the good opportunities of the Belt and Road, we participated in the 2018 trade fair in Dubai, UAE. During the exhibition, our company's products attracted a large number of buyers from all over the world. Our distributors, to represent our products, to open up the market in the local market, especially the silicone endotracheal tubes and silicone laryngeal mask airway, have been consistently recognized in terms of quality and price, and all buyers have indicated that the market is expected in the future. And on the spot, customers have samples. One of Dubai dealers and one of  Iranian dealers visited our booth several times and decided on cooperation matters, start on the preparation for cooperation . At this exhibition, our company is full of harvest, and we hope that our products will bring a bigger market to our customers.


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