Why do you want to join the FASIZ

FOR children
The oxygen needed by the fetus is obtained from the mother's blood through the placenta, so oxygen in the pregnant woman can ensure that the fetus can obtain enough oxygen to enable the fetus to develop better and prevent premature birth or dementia.
FOR woman
Oxygen can increase the aerobic metabolism of human cells, strengthen skin nutrition, increase elasticity of loose skin, reduce wrinkles, increase metabolism of skin cells, reduce melanin pigmentation, reduce ecchymosis and beautify skin; Helps to improve hair follicle nutrition, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Some foreign countries hold special oxygen             "Youth Clinic" thinks that it will make people radiant and youthful.
FOR man
Oxygen health care is an advanced physical method. Oxygen absorption can enhance vision and improve presbyopia. Oxygen absorption can also improve and improve male sexual function and maintain vigorous energy to improve quality of life. Inhalation can also promote physical recovery after exercise.
FOR elderly
With age, arteriosclerosis and hypofunction of lung function, arterial blood oxygen pressure gradually decreased in the body, smokers are more obvious, oxygen can significantly increase oxygen partial pressure, prevent many geriatric diseases, oxygen can increase the super The biological activity of oxide disproportionation (SOD) inhibits the damage of harmful free radicals to cells in the body, thereby preventing and treating various senile diseases such as senile dementia.

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